Couples therapy

Couples therapy in english

I also offer to do couples therapy in english for couples where danish are not their common language.

Every one of us need to feel respected, validated, safe and secure in our close intimate relationships. But as partners, we sometimes have a tendency to take the relationship and the partner for granted, and after some time this can lead to loss of connection to the person closest to us. Maybe we focus on children, work or other interests, maybe we strive to manage logistics in a turbulent everyday life. Male there are some emotional needs we do not seem to get fulfilled in the relationship. This can have negative effects on the relationship bonds, and we might end up feeling empty, alone or lonely in the relationship.With the loss of the intimacy, emotional satisfaction and maybe even loss of the sense of safety and security in the relationship, it is very easy to get stuck in negative interactions and conflicts, where everyday problems could ignite heavy arguments, blame and withdraw or cold distancing.

And some relationships are threatened by one partner having an affair, leaving the other partner and the relationship in a state of chock.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy can be a good investment, even before you perceive heavy conflicts or distancing in the relationship. And off cause when you as a couple need a helping hand to get back on track, when things are moving in the wrong direction.

In emotion-focused couples therapy, we work on helping couples to focus on their emotional bond and to restructure negative interaction cycles through new emotional experiences. This involves a collaborative effort in:

  • giving you a felt understanding of negative and positive interactional cycles in your relationship
  • giving both of you a greater understanding of yourself and your partner
  • evoking your ability to interact in positive ways and communicate with empathy even around difficult matters
  • heal old wounds if necessary

My work is based upon emotion-focused therapy for couples, where the focus is on:

  • Identifying the interactional cycles that creates problems in your relationship.
  • deepening your understanding of the emotions and needs on different layers, that motivates your in your actions and reactions
  • learning you how to interact in new different ways